The current socio-economic landscape is sparking a paradigm shift in the infrastructure industry.

In the post-Covid world, infrastructure will be one of the main drivers of every country’s development: it requires specialist skills that only a multidisciplinary firm that has strong ties with the country where it has been operating for almost 30 years, including with its institutions. And we pride ourselves on having the expert hands you need to guide you through such a delicate and strategic sector.

For many years now, we have brought together the best legal skills in infrastructure in one team to provide a service of excellence to all stakeholders, be they public or private.

Providing legal services in regulated sectors – such as roads, telecommunications and airports, to name but a few – requires specific teams that easily meet client needs thanks to their multidisciplinary expertise. That’s why we have an Infrastructure Focus Team.

Thanks to the team’s extensive expertise, we satisfy the wide variety of requests that crop up, e.g., advice on extraordinary transactions, drafting of various types of opinions, support in domestic and international litigation, advice on EU law, and liaising with regulatory authorities.

We work with oil & gas multinationals and large Italian and international companies in transport and telecommunications, and with national and local public entities on privatisation and business combination plans. We are the benchmark for large infrastructure funds looking to enter the Italian market because we know the market inside and out and we get straight to the heart of every issue.

When we say we’re multidisciplinary, we really mean it. We will always be right by your side, offering the highest standards of service for all aspects of your business.


Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Expertise in dealing with the authorities, the public sector and new market players
  • Outstanding service in all areas of law relevant to this sector. BonellieErede partners are ranked as leaders by the main international legal guides in corporate, contract, public and environmental law, project finance and antitrust sectors
  • Very strong ties with the financial and industrial communities in Italy
  • Combination of academic experience and the expertise of a specialist boutique firm with the approach of a large international firm


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Golden Power

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How Covid-19 measures affect investment control in Italy and the EU? - 6 April 2020

This note addresses the following 3 developments in investment screening caused by Covid-19 outbreak: The Cura Italia decree suspended the timeframe for administrative procedures, including Golden Power, but lodging an urgency request could be a way to avoid the suspension; …

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