Administrative Law

With energy regulations, litigation, tenders, administrative licences, and public anticorruption regulations, you need someone by your side with a clear view, someone with a firm grip on the subject in question: we will give you a crystal-clear analysis when it comes to examining costs and benefits.

Although regulations may be fragmented, our administrative team, supported by our sector specialised focus teams, is primely positioned to offer the best possible assistance for each sector (telecommunications, TV, internet, energy, water provision, environment, central and local public services, construction, health and pharmaceuticals, banking and insurance, transport, motorways, gaming, environment and tenders etc.).

We offer the best possible solution, whether you’re a multinational, an SME, a government-owned company, or a national or local public authority.


Here’s what sets us apart

  • Our approach is based on obtaining a global view of each situation. As well as analysing the specific legal issues for each case, we assess the litigation risk; when appropriate, we also look at public compliance profiles and financial aspects
  • We have specific expertise and experience in many sectors, including electronic communications, public-private partnerships, innovation partnerships and environmental regulations
  • We support you throughout the entire value chain: from first contact with the public authorities, particularly at the planning stage, and feasibility and pre-feasibility studies, to bidding for and launching public tenders, performance of contracts awarded and, as necessary, disputes (before administrative courts, the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation, European courts, the Court of Auditors)

Case Studies

Giving Preference to Egyptian Products in Government Contracts

With the aim to further boost local industry, recently Egyptian government amended Law No.5 of 2015 by expanding the scope of the law requiring to give preference to Egyptian Products in Government Contracts. Our Africa Team and Energy and Infrastructures Focus Team analyse

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UAE: Reforms opening to foreign investments

UAE is adopting strategic reforms to boost foreign direct investments in the UAE and thus reduce the UAE's economic reliance on the oil sector. Click here for more details from our Africa team.

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Ethiopia changes gear in the plan to open to privatization and foreign investments

Ethiopia is at a crossroad: the executive council has recently announced its decision to open state monopolies in the telecoms, electricity, logistic and transport sectors to private investors. Click

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3 Key decisions of the CJ that define the EU emission trading scheme

The European Court of Justice has recently issued 3 r …

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Ethiopia pushes on public private partnerships

Ethiopia has introduced a legal framework for public private partnerships to facilitate privately financed projects to support Ethiopia's grows: a clear process for private parties wishing to invest in specific public project in Ethiopia is now set. More details are available

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Compensation for public contractors

The long-awaited Public Contractors’ Compensa …

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New edition of the FIDIC suite of contracts

After almost 18 years, FIDIC has updated its Rainbow Suite of Contracts, which is widely used in major construction projects worldwide. Find here more details on the new co …

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BonelliErede introduces its ESG group - 30 November 2021

BonelliErede has launched a multidisciplinary ESG group in response to the ever more important ESG (environmental, social and governance) challenges facing the corporate world today. The ESG group is an offshoot of the firm’s Corporate Governance Focus Team, which will oversee its work. It br …

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Francesca Mastroianni joins BonelliErede’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Focus Team - 2 September 2019

BonelliErede further strengthens its Healthcare and Life Sciences Focus Team with the addition of Francesca Mastroianni, who joins the Rome office. Francesca has intimate knowledge of regulatory and compliance issues in the pharmaceutical sector, having worked at the Italian Medicines Agency fo …

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BonelliErede and Lombardi e Associati: integration is a go - 27 May 2019

The integration with Lombardi e Associati was unanimously approved at BonelliErede’s partners’ meeting today. Lombardi e Associati is one of the leading Italian independent law firms in litigation and corporate law and advises Italian and foreign companies, banks and insurers, investment fu …

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