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We currently have five strategic outposts: Cairo (Egypt), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and – through international partnerships of Tribonian Law Advisors, law firm integrated in BonelliErede as of 1 July 2018 – Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), and Beirut (Lebanon).

Cairo and Addis Ababa are the first outposts we established in 2016 and are the hub for our development plans in the continent, to which we added Dubai in 2017. The latter represents a platform for us to oversee the whole Gulf area and to further intercept international investments towards Africa.

To Cairo we will bring our international expertise to work hand-in-hand in cooperation with Bahaa-Eldin Law Office which shall be an integral part of our Africa and Middle East presence.

Looking beyond Egypt, Ethiopia is the country that is of most interest to us. We strongly believe that the opening of its doors to foreign investment, the tremendous growth of European business communities and one of the highest GDP growth rate, make it one of the most important African jurisdictions. Ethiopia represents for us another linchpin for our development in the East Africa.

Indeed, Ethiopia has a key role to play in the integration of African countries and in trade between Europe and Africa (the headquarters of the African Union and the EU Delegation in Africa are both in Addis Ababa).

We also have a partnership in place with the Addis Ababa based tier 1 law firm Tameru Wondm Agegnehu Law Office.

But we are also working with The School of Law of the Addis Ababa University on a joint project to identify possible legislation reforms (in Italy and Ethiopia) that will improve industrial and financial relations and increase foreign investment in the country.

To Dubai, we bring our full-service expertise to assist international investors interested in the Gulf region, multinationals with a regional hub in Dubai for business in Africa, and Gulf investors interested in Europe. Effective as of 1 July 2018, our presence in Dubai boasts the integration of Tribonian Law Advisors (TLA), a new generation boutique law firm that has been providing clients expert legal advice in M&A, corporate finance and corporate and commercial law throughout the Middle East through its offices in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. As part of this integration, through TLA’s international partnerships, we have now two new outposts, one in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) and one in Lebanon (Beirut). TLA is recognized as an M&A specialist and has been involved in a number of landmark deals, on cross-border transactions, joint ventures, finance deals in several jurisdictions across the Middle East and Africa. TLA assists regional and international clients on the full spectrum of the M&A deals, joint venture, and private equity, in various industries and sectors throughout the GCC region. TLA’s mergers and acquisitions professionals represent major international corporations in the region on the most noteworthy transactions. In particular TLA’s team focuses on cross-border and domestic mergers, acquisitions and dispositions, early stage investments, fund formation, corporate finance, real estate development and asset purchases, as well as a wide variety of corporate transactions. Thanks to TLA’s integration, through our Dubai office we are now able to advise also on US and UK law governed transactions, combined with a unique language capability (Italian, English, Arabic and French).

Beyond Egypt, Ethiopia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, we have and continue to strengthen – a network of highly reputed African law firms with whom we can work seamlessly.