This is a sector that requires a high level of specialisation and advice focused on highly technical aspects (including of a regulatory and tax nature) and the banking and debt capital market best practices. And above all, this is where we need to demonstrate our efficiency, precision and swiftness.

Only a firm like ours can support certain leading Italian and European groups in acquisitions, mergers and joint-ventures, both national and cross-border. We have assisted foreign banks in some of the most important acquisitions in Italy and in complex cross-border reorganisations of their businesses. We also assist banks in major national and international M&A deals. We also assist the management bodies of banks and banking foundations in acquisitions, defining the best governance structures, managing shareholdings, and devising and revising remuneration policies. Furthermore, we have worked alongside the most highly qualified banking operators in structuring, negotiating and managing complex joint ventures.


Here’s what sets us apart

  • We are one of the few firms who can boast experience in a range of fields, from M&A to corporate governance, from joint venture contracts and strategic and commercial partnership agreements to consultancy services for banking and relationships with the supervisory authorities. Our unrivalled range of skills offers genuine added value
  • We are accustomed to building and maintaining relationships with independent Italian authorities, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the European Commission, the European Central Bank thanks to our outpost in Frankfurt at Hengeler Mueller’s premises, and other competent institutions
  • We have assisted in the drafting of the new legislation applicable to project bonds to ensure their bankability, taking into account the requirements in the Italian infrastructure sector


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The Gulf new (tax) era

This year marks a new fiscal era in the Gulf, as of 1 January 2018, for the first time in their history, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates introduced VAT. Other countries will now follow this trend. The decision was taken collectively within the Gulf Cooperation Council to increase tax …

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Coffee: Ethiopia’s export king and major source of foreign currency

“Coffeedollars” could be used to describe the revenues now being generated in Ethiopia by coffee, similar to what “petrodollars” meant  for OPEC countries in the 1970s. Indeed, coffee is the main product that enables Addis Ababa to support its trade balance and a major source of foreig …

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BonelliErede announces three new partners

On 2 December 2017, BonelliErede’s partners’ meeting approved the appointment of three new partners: Antonio La Porta, Matteo Maria Pratelli and Enrico Vaccaro. Antonio La Porta, 41, joined BonelliErede in 2015, after stints at major Italian and international law firms, and the legal depart …

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