We are committed to providing the best protection of your ideas, works and products against infringement and appropriation and any possible damage to IP. And we can most certainly also help you get the most value out of your IP.

Our team of highly specialised experts are ready to assist you with ordinary to extraordinary transactions, and able to provide the responses you need within the time you need, even in particularly complex cases. We operate independently in Italy and, abroad, in conjunction with some of the world’s leading firms.

We can represent you in any dispute before courts and administrative authorities concerning patents and know-how (even in the most high-tech sectors), trademarks and geographical indications, designs, copyright and media, misleading and comparative advertising.

We have solid experience in the field of unfair competition, having provided support in highly complex cases involving theft of confidential information, poaching of staff, and look alikes.

We can assist you with licensing, distribution, franchising and R&D agreements. But we don’t stop there. We also offer support with joint ventures and strategic alliances, through the transfer of technologies and commercial and joint-marketing plans.

We can draw on the specific expertise of the firm’s various focus teams (fashion, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, automotive and heavy industry technologies, industrial printing, software and IT, food and beverage).


Here’s what sets us apart

  • Our unbridled passion and energy drive us to always exceed expectations
  • We follow project management principles, thus enabling us to keep costs down without compromising on quality
  • Our team includes IP professors and members of national and international associations, such as LES, AIPPI, INTA, INDICAM and SISPI
  • Our professionals have authored books focused on IP protection, have contributed to numerous publications for the most important legal journals and commentaries, and sit on scientific editorial committees

Egypt calls on Italy for an “integrated approach” to energy

“Energy” relations between Italy and Egypt look to be strengthening. The state-run news agency, Mena, reported on a meeting in Cairo earlier this month between the Egyptian Minister of Electricity, Mohamed Shaker, representatives of Italian companies from the energy and environment sectors, …

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BonelliErede supports the AfricaAfrica exhibition in Milan

BonelliErede continues to support African art, including here in Italy. After being a partner of the South Africa Pavilion at the Biennale di Venezia art festival last year, BonelliErede is now sponsoring the photography exhibition: “AfricaAfrica, exploring the Now of African design and photo …

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BonelliErede supports the second edition of MuseoCity in Milan

BonelliErede continues its commitment to the arts: the Art and Cultural Property Focus Team supported the second edition of the event MuseoCity between 2 and 4 March,  hosted by the MuseoCity Association in collaboration with the City of Milan. The annual event –involving the main public and …

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