Growing economies, markets with huge potential for development, continual investments from international operators and multinationals: we are talking about Africa, with the inclusion of the whole area of North Africa and the Middle East.

We see Africa’s potential, and that is why our plan is to become a strategic hub able to capture, support and safeguard investments there and maximise the value for international investors, local businesses and governments. To help us achieve this, we can leverage the key role that Italy, for historical, cultural and geographical reasons, has played and will continue to play in the coming years.

Our strategy is to have a physical presence in strategic countries and, from there, progressively develop our reach in Africa and the Middle East.

Besides advising businesses and investors in Africa, we are also playing a key role in the future legal landscape of Africa. We are advising African governments to carry out legal reform of the energy, banking and corporate sectors to further stimulate foreign investment.