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Intelligence and creativity, enthusiasm and determination, drive and dedication: this is what we expect of ourselves and, if you join our team, what we’ll expect from you.

We offer the very best: from colleagues and expert supervisors to our clients, all of them high profile. All you need to do is roll up your sleeves – and pull out the elbow grease!

Where learning is an art

Training is always fundamental… but we place even more importance on it – because it takes outstanding training to deliver the innovative solutions for which we are so well known.

Every year we organise a series of seminars accredited by the Italian bar association (Consiglio Nazionale Forense), enabling our lawyers and trainees to collect the necessary number of compulsory professional training credits.

Start out in style
On your first day we will do our utmost to set you on the path to a bright career. In addition to a senior partner allocated to supervise you, you will also have an experienced associate as your personal mentor, who will give you their time, advice and support.

Professional practice examination
It doesn’t matter whether you want to be a lawyer or a chartered accountant; so long as you have the necessary commitment, we’ll give you the opportunity to attend our exam preparation courses and the time to prepare for this important milestone, giving you all the confidence you’ll need.

Professional growth
We guarantee a pathway to professional growth with plenty of incentives based entirely on merit. You’ll be assessed every year and your achievements will be rewarded. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you come from – it’s your qualities that count.

The world at your fingertips
We have an international vocation. For some years now our team of mother-tongue English language experts have been providing training in modern legal writing (following the principles of plain language), as well as oral communication skills – which you’ll need to operate in today’s global marketplace.

We also fund LLM programmes at leading universities in Britain and the US: a unique learning experience for anyone, and an investment for our future together.

But that’s not all. If you’re looking for international experience, we offer secondments at leading law firms in all the countries where we have partnerships.



If you’re still in your fourth year of university but want a taste of what awaits you in the real world, why not apply for a one-six month internship at our Italian offices?

If you’re writing your degree dissertation, we’ll give you access to our extensive libraries in Milan, Genoa and Rome; we even offer a tutoring service to selected candidates to give them the best possible preparation.

To join us, send your CV to, including details of your education, qualifications, experience, and knowledge of languages. We look forward to hearing from you.