Listening closely to our clients’ needs, heeding their concerns and understanding their goals lie at the heart of our M&A practice.

And this brings instant advantages: lower consultancy costs, more efficient process management, and excellent timekeeping. All this goes hand-in-hand with our top-notch standards – the reason we continue to be the market leaders.

We will support you with dedicated teams who can handle every aspect of your transaction whatever the timeframe and work hand in hand with your people. We can handle, in addition to environmental and tax issues, any regulatory and public authorisation matters and the most complex compliance matters, including extra-territorial application of foreign laws.

With us, any company or large group – be it Italian, foreign or multinational – acquiring a company or business in Italy can be sure of the highest standards of service. As can a private equity firm for its investment and divestment transactions. Italian entrepreneurs looking to sell their companies can be equally confident of maximising the value of the sale whilst minimising every possible risk. We provide advice on the acquisition and sale of shares, companies and business lines, as well as on the establishment of joint ventures. You can rely on us when your M&A deal involves contributions, demergers, mergers, spin-offs and/or restructuring the target company’s governance. For listed companies, we also oversee operations involving all aspects of potential takeover bids, managing the process from start to finish, including liaising with the regulator and all other parties involved. We offer you all our experience no matter what route your M&A deal takes.

Thanks to our sector specialised focus teams, we have unrivalled experience in regulated and industrial sectors, as well as in real estate and infrastructures. We are also leaders in the energy sector – oil & gas (upstream and downstream), electricity, and renewables.


Here’s what sets us apart

  • We helped shape the form of Italian M&A contracts as they stand today. Our handling of the most prominent domestic and cross-border deals has helped us achieve an unprecedented series of successes
  • Our experience in the field is backed by the academic work of 15 partners, enabling us to provide innovative solutions for even the most complex deals. It’s therefore no coincidence that our creative solutions fast become market benchmarks
  • Our technical expertise is boosted by the knowledge of our sector specialised focus teams

Case Studies

Latest developments in transfer pricing: the new regulation on transfer pricing documentation

On 23 November 2020, Regulation No. 360494 (“2020 Regulation”) was issued, which sets out the new rules on transfer pricing documentation requirements. It replaces the previous Regulation No. 137654 of 29 September 2010 (“2010 Regulation”) and is effective as of the current tax year. …

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LBOs (mergers) and deductibility of interest expenses: interesting developments with Italian Supreme Court decision of July 2018

On July 2018 the Italian Supreme Court stated that A limited company may deduct interest expenses without assessing whether they are connected to the business activity. This Circular is relevant for all the private equity firms, as it seems to protect newcos (and/or the company resulting fr …

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Investing in non-core infrastructures

Funds and other investors are hunting for opportunities off the most beaten tracks. Non-core infrastructures seem to be the latest gold mine, but what are they? Hospitals and private clinics, data centres, car parks, schools, etc. Our Energy and Infrastructure Focus Team teamed up with Inspi …

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BonelliErede is the only Italian firm in the Mainland Europe Law Firm Brand Index - 26 March 2021

For the third year in a row, BonelliErede is the only Italian firm in Thomson Reuters’ Mainland Europe Law Firm Brand Index. The index ranks law firms in mainland Europe based on brand awareness, reputation and companies’ propensity to entrust them with legal matters. BonelliErede has moved …

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BonelliErede announces seven new partners - 4 February 2019

On 2 February, the partners’ meeting approved the appointment of seven new partners: Riccardo Bicciato, Riccardo Bordi, Marco De Leo, Gabriele Malgeri, Nicola Marchioro, Augusto Praloran and Francesca Secondari. Riccardo Bicciato (45) joined the firm in 2010 and specialises in banking and fin …

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Four new hires in Egypt to boost BonelliErede’s reach - 10 December 2018

Bahaa-Eldin Law Office in cooperation with BonelliErede strengthens its Egyptian team in Cairo with the hire of four experienced lawyers: Mostafa Moussa, Mohamed Hossam El Ehwany, Ahmad Farghal and Nayera Sherif. Mostafa Moussa, 35, is an expert corporate, capital markets, banking and restructu …

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