Gianfranco Veneziano


  • Corporate law
  • M&A
  • Corporate governance and financial markets regulation
  • Business contracts
  • Assistance to Italian and foreign companies regarding:
    • the issuance of shares and debt securities, including convertible and equity-linked securities (to the general public and qualified investors)
    • the purchase and sale of equity stakes and business units
    • capital increases
    • IPOs
    • private placement of financial instruments with institutional investors
    • benefit plans based on financial instruments for employees and directors of listed companies
    • takeover bids
  • He is also in charge for the development of the Egyptian practice and of the other North African jurisdictions, coordinating matters and involving other law firms with whom we cooperate according to needs

Foreign languages: English


  • Member of the Africa Committee and of the Africa Team
  • Member of the Family Businesses & SMEs Focus Team
  • Member of the Equity Capital Markets Focus Team
  • Member of the Sports Law Focus Team
  • Member of the Private Equity Focus Team
  • Made partner in 2008
  • Joined in 2000


  • Member of the Italian Bar
  • Law degree from the University of Pavia

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