Commercial contracts

We can give you the best advice on every kind of commercial contract: from complex cases outside of your normal commercial experience (outsourcing contracts, for example) to ordinary operations, such as revising existing contracts, drafting and reviewing general sales and purchase conditions for goods and services and issuing and participating in calls for supply and procurement contract – both private and public.

We are adept at working alongside in-house counsel and the people who handle contractual relations: purchasing departments, sales departments, site managers, etc.

Today we are facing a constant rise in aspects such as the abuse of economic dependence, compliance with consumer codes and sub-contracting regulations, tax issues in infra-group transactions, and risk assessment for possible insolvency proceedings by counterparties and contractual remedies. We create innovative solutions for every one of these issues.

Our sights go beyond national borders thanks to our Best Friends and worldwide network of law firms; we can therefore advise you on drafting contracts governed by foreign national laws.

Whether you’re a large company, a multinational or an SME looking to develop or restructure your business, we’ll be there with clear, accurate solutions.

We have experience in countless sectors, thanks to our sector specialised focus teams: from the industrial – construction, manufacturing, chemicals, fashion, property, information technology and communications – to the more strictly regulated, such as banking, insurance, transport, energy and healthcare.


Here’s what sets us apart

  • We have extensive knowledge of your sectors and of the most common contractual issues, thanks to our years of managing due diligence procedures for M&A deals and both domestic and international disputes. Added to all this is our competence in IP, antitrust and restructuring/insolvency cases
  • Our partners and consultants include former general counsel from companies in the petrochemical, construction and defence/aerospace industries, giving us a thorough understanding of the peculiarities of each sector and the challenges faced by in-house counsel

Case Studies

First edition of the "Conditions of Contract for Underground Works" (FIDIC Emerald Book)

At the World Tunnel Congress last May, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) launched the first edition of “Conditions of Contract for Underground Works”, commonly known as the Emerald Book. The Emerald Book is exclusively dedicated to the regulation of th …

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Digital transformation in banking

In 2018, total global investment in fintech companies hit $111.8 billion across 2,196 deals. In Europe alone, investment in fintech reached $34.2 billion across 536 deals. Technology giants such as Alibaba, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Facebook are venturing into the financial services industry …

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Ethiopia pushes on public private partnerships

Ethiopia has introduced a legal framework for public private partnerships to facilitate privately financed projects to support Ethiopia's grows: a clear process for private parties wishing to invest in specific public project in Ethiopia is now set. More details are available

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Compensation for public contractors

The long-awaited Public Contractors’ Compensa …

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New edition of the FIDIC suite of contracts

After almost 18 years, FIDIC has updated its Rainbow Suite of Contracts, which is widely used in major construction projects worldwide. Find here more details on the new co …

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BonelliErede expands its partnership: six new partners announced - 19 December 2022

On 17 December, BonelliErede’s partners’ meeting approved the promotion to partner of six of the firm’s managing associates: Livia Cocca, Francesco Casamassa, Gianpaolo Ciervo, Daniele Gambirasio, Giulio Mazzotti and Giovanni Minuto. Livia Cocca joined BonelliErede’s Milan office in 200 …

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Covid-19: BonelliErede launches a task force - 10 March 2020

The Covid-19 outbreak in Italy has led to a public health emergency and unforeseen challenges for businesses. It has also led to uncertainties, including from a tax/legal perspective. Especially in light of the measures being issued by the government, BonelliErede las launched a multidisciplina …

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BonelliErede makes up four new partners - 17 December 2019

BonelliErede’s partnership continues to expand. At the partners’ meeting on Saturday, four promotions to the partnership were approved: Barbara Concolino, Sara Lembo, Matteo Fanni and Giovanni Muzina. Barbara Concolino (38) joined BonelliErede in 2014. She specialises in international arbit …

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