Tax Litigation

The team assists companies and individuals with tax audits and consequent disputes. Our clients can count on the consolidated experience of our multidisciplinary team: tax lawyers, some of whom are admitted to practice before the Italian Supreme Court; civil lawyers recognised as experts in the field; EU law experts familiar with the inner workings of EU courts; criminal lawyers specialised in tax offences; and chartered accountants.

Clients rely on us to assist them in dealings with the financial police and the tax authority right from the audit phase, ensure that their rights are protected, and quantify the related tax and criminal risks. We also assist clients in avoiding costly court costs, e.g., by settling tax claims or carrying out a voluntary regularisation of tax violations.

Clients can also rest assured that our team will identify the best dispute resolution/litigation strategy from the outset, with a clear vision of all of a given dispute’s potential financial and criminal implications. Whether a dispute is settled out of court or makes its way up to the Supreme Court, clients can be sure that our team always safeguards our clients’ interests and lays the groundwork for a successful outcome.

The team also specialises in transfer pricing disputes, both in and out of court, including dispute resolution and international arbitration proceedings involving tax authorities from different states.


Here’s what sets us apart:

  • We come up with pioneering solutions that also meet the client’s needs
  • Our chartered accountants and tax, civil and criminal lawyers – all of whom are leading figures in their fields – work hand-in-hand and complement each other’s expertise
  • We bring in-depth knowledge and an inexhaustible passion for our work – a trait recognised nationally and internationally
  • We are considered reliable and professional by the tax authority/financial police thanks to long-standing, continuous dealings with central, regional and local tax offices


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