The higher-end your segment, the higher your expectations and the standards you insist on from business partners. Choosing professionals like us, people who understand your market and value chain, means being able to count on a level of service that matches the quality of your products.

We know that across-the-board advice is fundamental in the luxury sector, and that’s why we offer highly specialised services in vital areas of business:

  • Management of key resources (promoting top management loyalty, preventing poaching, protecting confidential information, negotiating and drafting contracts with designers)
  • Management and auditing (corporate governance, tax planning, compliance, risk analysis, finance, cash pooling)
  • IP/Licensing (brand protection and extension, IP asset management, cultural heritage)

Our know-how is just as essential at key moments in the life of a business, helping them expand in Italy and beyond, during generational change and, when necessary, restructuring and streamlining.

The value of our team cannot be sufficiently explained in words: it can be perceived through the expertise we provide on a daily basis and through our decades of experience in advising major players in the sector and analysing the specific legal issues linked to the fashion and luxury sector:

  • style and prototyping: from managing relations with designers to protecting each design, concept and style
  • sales and promotions: from managing relations with agents and celebrities to handling the human resources needed during peak periods
  • raw materials procurement: from establishing strategic supplies to drafting supply agreements, providing supplier support, establishing business networks, ensuring product traceability and advising on antitrust law to safeguard Italian-made goods from supplier cartels
  • production: from environmental liability to safeguarding know-how, purchasing and managing industrial plants and relations with suppliers (contracts, sub-contracts, outsourcing)
  • logistics: from purchasing/developing logistics hubs to assessing the tax implications of individual management models
  • distribution: from wholesale (multi-brand distributers, outlets, shops-in-shops, leasing contracts for business units, prevention of parallel imports) to retail (franchising networks, licensee/franchisee severance in Italy and abroad, remuneration packages for sales specialists, store assistants and store managers, ordinary and outsourcing contracts, property leasing contracts), including alternative channels such as travel retail, made to measure, and e-commerce


Here’s what sets us apart

  • We have unique experience in the luxury sector in Italy and throughout the rest of the world. We have advised family-run businesses and leading global luxury groups alike on investing in Italy and internationally, on managing their business and seeking out capital, mergers and acquisitions, and on handling generational change
  • Our integrated team oversees every aspect and stage of business in the sector, offering an all-round service like no other
  • We provide support on extraordinary transactions and strategic contracts, offering management training to make the most of the legal tools available
  • We offer a “semi in-house” service to boost your know-how (and lighten your load) through our experience of providing legal services to the luxury sector (secondments, long-term consultancy, internal due diligence, assessments)


Learn about our Focus Teams.


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