Private Equity

Working with sponsors and flagging up investment opportunities: this is what our clients expect and it’s the first thing we offer.

We also offer affordable costs, efficient process management and a handpicked team to ensure you receive a tailor-made service of the highest quality.

In today’s challenging market, investors need advisors who provide swift and accurate advice and are willing to share the risk of aborted transactions – and that’s exactly what we are willing to do.

Whether you’re an Italian or international fund, generic or investment, we can advise you:

  • on fund formation and all aspects (including taxation) of investment and divestment operations in private and listed companies
  • at the investment stage: we will help you acquire controlling and minority interests, plan operations, identify the best governance options (including by using sophisticated financial instruments), analyse auction documents and due diligence reports, and on the analysis of their economic impact. We will also support you in negotiating contracts, designing and implementing management incentive schemes, drawing up contractual terms for bank loans, and obtaining all the necessary regulatory approvals and licences
  • at the exit stage: we will help you manage the legal aspects of a listing procedure and competitive bid, including as a dual track procedure when this route is chosen
  • in acquiring or disposing of portfolios of interests in other funds and in industrial or commercial businesses, including asset management companies (SGRs)


Here’s what sets us apart

  • Our track record in advising private equity firms is unrivalled
  • Our multi-disciplinary Private Equity Focus Team has been working together for years, gaining ever greater expertise in corporate, banking, tax and employment law
  • We keep abreast of investments that sponsors are looking for, seeking out opportunities also in the fund collection phase. We also track the flow of people and portfolio ageing, to make sure you have the latest information needed to evaluate market opportunities
  • We keep pace with changes to legislation and operating procedures, liaising with other leading international law firms so we can always bring you innovative solutions


Learn about our Focus Teams.

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Milano - Luca Campigotto

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