Corporate Governance

As part of our continued commitment to putting client needs first, we have created a focus team dedicated to helping businesses overcome corporate governance issues.


Thanks to each member’s unique and complementary expertise (covering corporate, compliance, criminal law, litigation, employment and tax matters), our clients are assured top notch support with the myriad of legal and tax aspects relating to governance. All with the aim of guaranteeing business integrity, stability, efficiency, value creation, transparency and image protection.


We cover all aspects of corporate governance, with services ranging from conducting a preliminary assessment of the business model (including adequacy to rules and standards) – to identify any shortcomings and possible improvements – to drafting and helping implement the action plan.


Our policy management and corporate compliance services are designed to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the adopted corporate governance model.


In addition to aspects directly related to corporate governance, we support clients with international taxation and transfer pricing, cooperative compliance, crisis management, D&O and corporate liability matters.


Here’s what sets us apart


  • We are passionate about helping clients turn ideas into reality
  • We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals – each with diverse and complementary expertise – that guarantees top quality assistance with corporate, criminal law, litigation, employment and tax matters
  • We have a long-running track record in helping businesses (including many market leaders) establish and maintain robust corporate governance models

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