Riccardo Bordi


  • Assistance to the shareholders and management of companies, including listed companies, regarding questions of corporate law
  • Assistance to oil and energy companies regarding questions of environmental law
  • Assistance with the drafting, negotiation and stipulation of contracts, also with general contractors, for the construction of strategic infrastructures
  • Arbitration rulings and interim proceedings
  • Assistance to investment funds in East Asia regarding acquisitions in Italy
  • Key sectors:
    • oil, energy & gas
    • transport and the construction of infrastructures
    • the provision of financial services (electronic money)
    • publishing and media, IT and information services
  • Foreign languages: English


  • Member of the Construction & Engineering Focus Team
  • Member of the Corporate Governance Focus Team
  • Member of the Public International Law & Economic Diplomacy Focus Team
  • Member of the East Asia Team
  • Country Partner for South Korea
  • Made partner in 2019
  • Joined the firm in 2006
  • Seconded to the law firm Kim&Chang in Seoul (2015)

Ranking and Awards

Acritas named Riccardo Bordi “Acritas Star – independently rated lawyer”


“Well, the international expertise and the great knowledge of the civil and corporate sector” (Acritas)


  • Member of the Italian Bar
  • Law degree from the University of Genoa

Knowledge Sharing

The revised Milan Chamber of Arbitration Rules: Leading the way in arbitral procedure

On 1 March 2019, the Milan Chamber of Arbitration issued its revised Rules on Arbitration, which apply to all proceedings commenced after that date. The CAM Rules seek to incorporate the innovations that have emerged in the last decade, raising the CAM’s profile in the competitive arbitrat …

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Does the substantive law matter in international arbitration?

Our International Arbitration Focus Team discusses about aspects of the arbitrators’ decision makings process, with particular focus on the law applicable to the merit of the case and on the legal concepts in the head of arbitrators. Listen to our point of view and watch the video of the e …

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The Prague Rules: wind of change?

The Prague Rules represent an alternative to the IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration. They aim at reducing time and costs of international arbitration. Our International Arbitration Focus Team in Milan discussed in a seminar with leading arbitration practitioners …

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Why arbitration is becoming the preferred dispute resolution method in the luxury industry?

Luxury and fashion companies are often involved in cross-border operations and disputes arising from such transaction are therefore likely to involve companies from different jurisdictions. A smooth management of such disputes is paramount also to preserve commercial relationship with the diff …

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US Supreme Court: renewed support for Arbitrators to decide Arbitrability

On January 8, 2019 the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling whereby it stated that arbitral tribunals are competent to evaluate whether a claim is "arbitrable", regardless of whether the basis for arbitration is grounded or not. Our International Arbitration Focus Team analyses

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Quantification of damages in commercial arbitration: mission impossible?

Quantification of damages in commercial arbitra …

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EAIAC 2018: The Implications of Regional Investment Arbitration

On 30 August 2018 Laurence Shore, spoke at the 2018 East Africa International Arbitration Conference, which took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The topic of his presentation was “Towards Regional Investment Arbitration?” in Africa. He addressed three main issues concerning investor-sta …

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Achmea: the future of investment arbitration in Europe

The European Court of Justice’s controversial judgment in Achmea v Slovak Republic has cast serious doubt on the continued viability of arbitration under intra-EU bilateral investment treaties. In an interesting webinar available here, our four i …

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Third Party Funding: a useful tool to know in international arbitration

The funding of arbitration by a litigation funder on a non-recourse basis is a tool that can give companies access to massive amounts of capital and it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. On 15 May 2018, BonelliErede held a seminar on TPF in international arbitration, d …

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Caught in the “Crossfire”: quantum calculations in international arbitration

One of the primary challenges that arbitral tribunals face is the quan …

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Arbitration clauses in intra-EU BITs are not compatible with EU law: a momentous decision by the European Court of Justice

The ruling of the European Court of Justice regarding the arbitration clause in the Netherlands-Slovak Republic BIT will change the European investor-state arbitration landscape. The Court stated that the arbitration clause is incompatible with EU law. This ruling, which did not adopt the Opini …

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BonelliErede announces seven new partners

On 2 February, the partners’ meeting approved the appointment of seven new partners: Riccardo Bicciato, Riccardo Bordi, Marco De Leo, Gabriele Malgeri, Nicola Marchioro, Augusto Praloran and Francesca Secondari. Riccardo Bicciato (45) joined the firm in 2010 and specialises in banking and fin …

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BonelliErede teams up with the Embassy of Italy in Seoul, KOTRA-Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea for the workshop “Italy (EU): hub for investments and business”

BonelliErede has teamed up with the Embassy of Italy in Seoul, KOTRA-Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea for the workshop “Italy (EU): hub for investments and business”, taking place today in Seoul. The speakers incl …

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