The employment sector has undergone a profound change over the past few years. The economic crisis and evolving markets, as well as more recent changes to Italian legislation, mean that a different approach is required. Since there are fewer rules, there is more scope to provide innovative solutions in clear, unambiguous, concrete language, as well as quick, convincing answers.

Dealing with an HR manager, a general counsel or a managing director requires skill to choose the appropriate language for every situation. We will always come up with the most suitable technical, legal and business solutions every time.

We are equally at home with large corporations and medium-sized and expanding businesses, and are just as experienced in handling employment issues linked to extraordinary transactions – mergers and acquisitions, business transfers, restructuring and downsizing, involvement in trade union meetings and the outsourcing of business activities – as in assisting with day-to-day HR management.

In Italy we have unrivalled experience in negotiating terms of employment for senior managers and in overseeing the delicate task of severance, on behalf of companies and the managers themselves.

We lead the way in Italy when it comes to drafting confidentiality and non-competition agreements and have vast experience of handling disputes arising from breaches, unfair competition and the unlawful poaching of staff, including obtaining interim injunctions.

In today’s digital world, effective corporate policies are absolutely vital, and employee data protection rights must be tempered by the employer’s need to be able to supervise its business operations effectively.


Here’s what sets us apart

  • We are a “boutique” of employment specialists within an international firm: we combine attention to detail and legal in-depth analysis with a flair for cutting to the chase, a commitment to business and an ability to produce practical, concrete solutions to the practical, concrete problems businesses face
  • Our knowledge in litigation is typical of a “boutique” and extremely rare among larger firms in Italy. It enables us to give you unique levels of support when you are drafting contracts, tailoring our guidance to cover the potential risks we have addressed in the past
  • We offer training services: courses, seminars and workshops, on the frequent changes to legislation, because no one can afford to get left behind in the employment sector

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