Public sector

Our primary objective is to provide practical instruments for assessing the costs and benefits of the transactions you wish to conduct. Thanks to our sector specialised Focus Teams, our experience encompasses the widest range of sectors: telecommunications, internet, energy, central and local public services, construction, healthcare, banking and insurance, ports, airports, transport, motorways and gaming.

Moreover, we support you as closely as possible, through global consultancy which ranges from the energy regulatory framework to disputes, from public procurement law to environmental law, from administrative concessions to tackling public corruption or privatisation.


Here’s why we make a difference

  • The high level of specialisation of our professionals, particularly in view of the remarkably fragmented facets of the public law of economics, represents one of the keys to our success. This gives us an edge over our competitors, enabling optimum management of time and costs, along with the highest quality work
  • An experience as vast as ours is rare, if not unique. It represents a guarantee that all our clients will benefit from the skills they need, be they multinationals, small and medium-sized enterprises, state-owned undertakings or national and regional public bodies.