Corporate Criminal Law

Our team is a group of experts in both business criminal law and procedural criminal law, dedicated to helping you as both a business and an individual whether you are an Italian or multinational company.

You can rely on us to:

  • advise on preventative measures, so you can be sure you are protected in your ordinary operations and extraordinary transactions – even in times of trouble
  • safeguard your business in terms of workplace health and safety, conferment of the appropriate powers and reporting duties throughout the management chain of a business (including for environmental matters), and adequate internal controls system
  • cope with emergencies arising from investigations and defend you (as a business or individual) against criminal charges before the courts, including charges of misconduct with public entities, the Bank of Italy and Consob, tax fraud and bankruptcy
  • provide comprehensive assistance if you are the victim, whether as a company or individual


Here’s what sets us apart

  • We combine the efficiency and multidisciplinary approach of a large law firm with the expertise of professionals with over twenty years of experience in specialised boutiques. This means a swifter response to your needs and greater efficiency when it comes to managing costs
  • Our professionals are experts not only in white-collar criminal law, but also in criminal procedural law: this additional expertise enables us to skilfully handle procedural problems, which is essential to ensure the best possible outcome, whatever your situation