Shipping, Transport & Logistics

Even though transport and shipping operators have such diverse needs, they all share one common need: to be able to rely on advisors who know their sector inside and out – from both a legal and business perspective.

Not only do we have excellent knowledge of transport and shipping law, but we also have a detailed understanding of operators: we participate in key annual events organised by brokers and insurers and have close ties with the London-based business community.

Our experience as advisors to shipowners, port authorities, terminal operators, shipyards, shipping agents, logistics operators, insurance companies and banks specialising in shipping finance, and our contacts within international specialist law firms enable us to create a tailor-made solution every time.

The assistance we provide covers:

  • insurance and reinsurance (hull & machinery, particular average and total loss, cargo insurance policies, P&I, professional liability policies for transport intermediaries)
  • infrastructures (contracts related to the implementation of the Italian high-speed railway system, project financing)
  • litigation (arrest of ships and airplanes, civil and administrative proceedings, national and international arbitration, enforcement in Italy of foreign judgements and arbitration awards)
  • logistics and transport (motorway transport, forwarding contracts, warehouse contracts, integrated logistics services, carriage of dangerous goods)
  • port and airport law (terminal contracts, handling contracts, authorisations and concessions)
  • restructuring and insolvency (debt restructuring agreements of shipping companies and airlines, pre-bankruptcy settlements with creditors, multi-jurisdiction insolvency proceedings)
  • shipbuilding and yachtbuilding (shipbuilding and refitting contracts, MOA and bill of sale, leasing, bare-boat charters, shipping finance)


Our team will accompany you throughout your journey, thanks to our multidisciplinary knowledge and different areas of expertise, including shipping/aviation finance, competition transport law and administrative law.


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The Evolving Landscape: Updates in US and EU International Sanctions Regimes - 8 May 2024

The realm of international sanctions is a constantly shifting landscape. The US and the EU have recently witnessed significant developments in their respective sanctions regimes, which impact legal frameworks, policy considerations, and the international community. What are the main updates? …

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Russia sanctions: the latest updates from the EU, the Oil Price Cap Coalition and the UK - 3 January 2024

Recently, the Council of the EU published its 12th package of sanctions against Russia in response to Russia’s continuing conflict with Ukraine. As highlighted by the European Commission, the focus of this new package “is to impose additional import and export bans on Russia, combat sanctio …

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Venezuela: The Easing of Sanctions by OFAC and EU - 19 December 2023

On 18 October, the Biden administration eased US sanctions on the Venezuelan oil and gas sector, with new general licences being issued by the Office of Foreign Assets Control authorising certain types of transactions with specific Venezuelan entities. What are the main licences and what app …

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Oil Price Cap amid OFAC’s recent sanctions and the Coalition’s new guidelines - 27 October 2023

On 12 October, the Oil Price Cap Coalition – made up of Australia, Canada, the EU, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US – issued a statement to emphasise the risks of violating the Oil Price Cap Regime. The Coalition also published a maritime advisory to promote responsible prac …

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ESG Insights | EU Green Deal and sanctions against Russia: what’s new for the iron and steel sectors? - 3 October 2023

Operators and importers in the iron and steel sector will need to be even more attentive to compliance, as the recent regulatory changes have made the rules stricter than ever. Further to the prohibitions imposed by the EU Regulation 388/2014, new prohibitions came into force starting from l …

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The EU strikes again: 11th package of sanctions against Russia - 30 June 2023

On 23 June, the EU published its latest package of sanctions against Russia, with stronger anti-circumvention measures and tighter trade and transport prohibitions. The package introduces several new measures which directly impact the shipping industry and, more generally, the logistics industr …

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One year of European sanctions against Russia: revisiting the different packages - 28 February 2023

On 24th February 2023, marking the sad anniversary of the breakout of the new Russia-Ukrainian war, the European Union published its 10th package of sanctions against Russia. During the past year, the sanction regime imposed by the EU has tried to weaken the Russian economy and prevent Russi …

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Russian Sanctions Landscape - Latest Transportation Updates - 6 February 2023

The wind-down period for the transportation and ancillary services prohibitions for oil-laden tankers over the price cap for crude oil loaded before 5 December 2022 ended on 19 January. The new measures introduced as part of the ninth sanctions package regard both sectoral sanctions against …

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Russia sanctions: The Oil Price Cap… What’s next? - 5 December 2022

Following the recent introduction of the oil price cap exemption and the price cap coalition agreed by the G7, the US, the EU and Australia – and after a long and complicated debate between members of the price cap coalition – a decision has finally been made on the price cap amount. The …

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Russia Sanctions: Oil Price Cap Exemption - 25 November 2022

The G7, US, EU and Australia have agreed to implement a policy applicable to a broad range of services as they relate to the maritime transport of crude oil and petroleum products of Russian Federation origin. UK, EU and US entities are authorized to provide certain services as they are rela …

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New Italian tax measures for maritime transport under Italy’s international registry scheme - 18 October 2022

Law Decree No. 144 of 23 September (“Decree 144”) contains provisions on the application of the tax and social security benefits provided by the international registry scheme under Law Decree No. 457 of 30 December 1997 (“IR Regime”). The IR Regime offers several benefits, including …

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The fifth package of sanctions against Russia: a shipping perspective - 12 April 2022

On 8 April, the European Commission issued a fifth set of sanctions against Russia, this time focused on shipping and logistics. It is equally notable London insurance market’s recent addition – through the Joint War Committee (JWC) – of Russia as a war zone. The main change is that al …

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The Ever Given casualty: ripple effects, litigation and arbitration - 28 January 2022

Although the Ever Given casualty caused a six-day obstruction of the Suez Canal in March 2021, its disruptive effects on global trade go far beyond the (relatively) limited duration of such event. Claims arising from the casualty may have different cause of actions and involve many operators, f …

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The green pass scheme in Italy: where it stands now and how it might develop - 9 September 2021

The framework of measures introduced by the government to combat and recover from the pandemic is ever-evolving, and understanding the interplay between previous and new rules is a challenge. But on the positive side, thanks to the green pass scheme we can now return to some ‘new normal’ …

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International travel and the IATA Travel Pass: current trends and perspectives - 3 May 2021

With Covid-19 persisting, governments need to be confident that they are effectively mitigating the risk of spread if they are to re-open borders/lift travel restrictions and that they can receive and process accurate information on passengers’ Covid-19 health status. But travellers are facin …

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“Ever Given” casualty - so, what’s next? - 2 April 2021

The Vessel has been refloated after six days of salvage operations and the traffic related to the Canal of Suez is expected to resume on a regular basis shortly. However the prolonged blockage of the Canal will require a careful consideration of the interests at stake. This case may well inv …

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Maritime disputes and arbitration during Covid-19: current trends and future prospects - 30 April 2020

Which is the impact of the COVID-19 emergency in international arbitration? Our Shipping & Transport Focus Team and International Arbitration Focus Team give an overview of the measures adopted by the arbitral institutions, including those specialized in maritime disputes, to facilitate …

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Enrico Vergani and Marco Mastropasqua join BonelliErede’s Shipping and Transport Focus Team in Genoa

The multidisciplinary Shipping and Transport Focus Team, which was set up in 2015 to enhance BonelliErede’s renowned expertise in these areas, expands with two key hires: Enrico Vergani, who will lead the focus team, and Marco Mastropasqua. Enrico Vergani, 52, joins BonelliErede as of counsel …

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