Marco Mastropasqua


  • Shipping and maritime law
  • Marine insurance
  • Insurance and recovery actions on behalf of industrial and cargo interests
  • Domestic and international transport (maritime-rail-air)
  • International shipping financing and financial transactions
  • Offshore
  • Piracy
  • Bankruptcy
  • Dispute resolution
  • Data protection and e-commerce
  • Full-scale and serial claims due to injuries and industrial diseases
  • Foreign languages: English


  • Member of the Shipping, Transport & Logistics Focus Team
  • Member of the Environmental Sustainability Focus Team
  • Joined the firm in 2019
  • Partner at Studio Legale Garbarino Vergani from 2008-2019
  • Counsel at Studio Legale Garbarino Vergani (2002-2007)
  • Member of the Italian Association of maritime law (AIDIM) and member of the Young Board since 2014 and speaker at various international conferences
  • Member of Propeller Clubs – port of Genoa
  • Contributor to various maritime law publications


  • International qualifications: ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006 certificate (2012). Lloyd’s Maritime Academy London – Marine Insurance certificate (2006). Skuld School Oslo (Norway) – P&I Insurance certificate
  • Member of the Italian Bar (2005)
  • Law degree from the University of Genoa (2002)

Knowledge Sharing

The EU strikes again: 11th package of sanctions against Russia

On 23 June, the EU published its latest package of sanctions against Russia, with stronger anti-circumvention measures and tighter trade and transport prohibitions. The package introduces several new measures which directly impact the shipping industry and, more generally, the logistics industr …

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One year of European sanctions against Russia: revisiting the different packages

On 24th February 2023, marking the sad anniversary of the breakout of the new Russia-Ukrainian war, the European Union published its 10th package of sanctions against Russia. During the past year, the sanction regime imposed by the EU has tried to weaken the Russian economy and prevent Russi …

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Russian Sanctions Landscape - Latest Transportation Updates

The wind-down period for the transportation and ancillary services prohibitions for oil-laden tankers over the price cap for crude oil loaded before 5 December 2022 ended on 19 January. The new measures introduced as part of the ninth sanctions package regard both sectoral sanctions against …

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Russia sanctions: The Oil Price Cap… What’s next?

Following the recent introduction of the oil price cap exemption and the price cap coalition agreed by the G7, the US, the EU and Australia – and after a long and complicated debate between members of the price cap coalition – a decision has finally been made on the price cap amount. The …

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Russia Sanctions: Oil Price Cap Exemption

The G7, US, EU and Australia have agreed to implement a policy applicable to a broad range of services as they relate to the maritime transport of crude oil and petroleum products of Russian Federation origin. UK, EU and US entities are authorized to provide certain services as they are rela …

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International travel and the IATA Travel Pass: current trends and perspectives

With Covid-19 persisting, governments need to be confident that they are effectively mitigating the risk of spread if they are to re-open borders/lift travel restrictions and that they can receive and process accurate information on passengers’ Covid-19 health status. But travellers are facin …

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“Ever Given” casualty - so, what’s next?

The Vessel has been refloated after six days of salvage operations and the traffic related to the Canal of Suez is expected to resume on a regular basis shortly. However the prolonged blockage of the Canal will require a careful consideration of the interests at stake. This case may well inv …

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Enrico Vergani and Marco Mastropasqua join BonelliErede’s Shipping and Transport Focus Team in Genoa - 8 October 2019

The multidisciplinary Shipping and Transport Focus Team, which was set up in 2015 to enhance BonelliErede’s renowned expertise in these areas, expands with two key hires: Enrico Vergani, who will lead the focus team, and Marco Mastropasqua. Enrico Vergani, 52, joins BonelliErede as of counsel …

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