One year of European sanctions against Russia: revisiting the different packages
27 February 2023

On 24th February 2023, marking the sad anniversary of the breakout of the new Russia-Ukrainian war, the European Union published its 10th package of sanctions against Russia.

During the past year, the sanction regime imposed by the EU has tried to weaken the Russian economy and prevent Russia’s undermining of Ukraine. The sanctions imposed, which have been described by President Von Der Leyen as “[…] the toughest sanctions ever introduced by the European Union”, have been vast and have targeted a wide array of sectors.

In light of the publication of the 10th package of sanctions, it is useful and insightful to revisit the previous nine packages, with a focus on their impact on the shipping and transport sector and outlining the major amendments and new measures brought by this last package.

Our Shipping, Transport and Logistics Focus Team breaks down the above in the document available here.