Whoever said that market leaders are unable to innovate? Or that they are inherently conservative and institutionally change-averse? Or that implementing great ideas does not entail going back to basics… and being the first to do so? Our beLab project is inspired by innovation and, by nature, inclined towards changing the rules of the game. It establishes, within one single space, diverse skills and innovative proprietary technologies combined in a unique manner. Leaders of our economy, great family businesses, start-ups that are the future of the country’s economic development: they are all seeking help in dealing with the challenge of the digital revolution. And in responding, we are also taking on our own digital transformation with beLab: we have redesigned our workflows using technologies that have transformed the way we deal – with our clients – with agreements and partnerships for the digital economy, compliance, litigation and document analysis. We focus on our people and adopt innovative approaches to our work. It is the younger people here that inspire us all.