Africa Team

BonelliErede’s move into Africa and the Middle East is led by a selected team of partners and associates, some of whom are based in our offices in the African continent and in the Middle East, others in our offices in Europe that frequently travel to Africa and the Middle East.

The steering committee that is the driving force behind the project comprises Stefano Simontacchi, President, and fellow partners Angelino Alfano, Massimiliano Danusso, Giuseppe Manzo, Gianpiero Succi, Catia Tomasetti, Gianfranco Veneziano as well as Marco D’Angelo and Stefano Morini from the Marketing Team.

The team also comprises other professionals and local partners. The team in Egypt includes Ziad Bahaa-Eldin managing partner of the partner law office in Cairo, Mohamed El Ehwany, Mostafa Moussa and Shorouk Gena, partners at the partner law office in Cairo. The team in Ethiopia includes Daniele Gambirasio, partner. Lastly, the team in the UAE includes Marco De Leo, partner, and Roberto Flammia, local partner.

The team is also made up of other local junior professionals from offices in Africa and the Middle East and is further supported by a strong multidisciplinary group of about 15 professionals based across our Milan, Genoa, Rome, London, and Brussels offices.