Michele Saponaro


  • Litigation, with particular focus on:
  • civil law
  • business law
  • company law
  • Foreign languages: English


  • Member of the Africa Team
  • Member of the Public International Law & Economic Diplomacy Focus Team
  • Joined the firm in 2008
  • Worked as a trainee for the European Parliament’s EU internal policies department – the Legal Commission’s Secretariat (2007–2008)


  • Member of the Italian Bar
  • PhD in domestic and international business law from Cattolica University of Milan
  • Master’s in corporate and commercial law from the London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Law degree from the University of Pisa
  • Certificate in legal studies from the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa

Knowledge Sharing

Directive 935/2022 for Commercial Registration, Licensing and Post-licensing Inspection

The Ethiopian Commercial Code was recently supplemented by Directive 935/2022 to implement changes regarding commercial registration, business licensing and post-licensing inspection. Some of the major points addressed include registration of a one-person PLC, transition from a sole propriet …

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The latest developments in the Ethiopian banking industry

The latest Council of Ministers meeting earlier this month approved the long-awaited policy that allows foreign investors to invest in the Ethiopian banking industry. Given that foreign banks stopped operating in Ethiopia when the Derg took power, the opening-up of the banking industry is ex …

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Ethiopia appoints its new Government and President. President Sahle-work Zewde is the only female President throughtout Africa

Prime Minister Abiy announced the new composition of the government: the ministries have been reduced from 28 to 20 and only some of the previous ministers remain. The law that redraws the powers and responsibilities of the ministries will be enacted in due course. For instance, a Ministry of P …

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Ethiopia reforms foreign investment in logistic industry

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has carried out a series of reforms since taking the helm in April. The key plank? To open Ethiopia’s economy up to private investment (as part of the government’s efforts for

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Ethiopia changes gear in the plan to open to privatization and foreign investments

Ethiopia is at a crossroad: the executive council has recently announced its decision to open state monopolies in the telecoms, electricity, logistic and transport sectors to private investors. Click

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Ethiopia pushes on public private partnerships

Ethiopia has introduced a legal framework for public private partnerships to facilitate privately financed projects to support Ethiopia's grows: a clear process for private parties wishing to invest in specific public project in Ethiopia is now set. More details are available

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