Apple had just launched the iMac, the Nokia 3310 was the mobile phone to have, the Euro was about to make its debut, Life is Beautiful had won three Oscars and Exxon merged with Mobil. It was 1999.
It is a different world now, and change has come at an incredible pace for people and organisations alike. The first clients to contact us back then have very different needs today. They have completely new goals, projects and problems that they could never have imagined in 1999. But we have accompanied our clients through times of change and have always listened to them. They have inspired us to restructure and design a new blueprint for boosting client-based value. After all, innovation is in our DNA. Our client care teams, each dedicated to individual clients, new staffing mechanisms to find the finest talents for each area, ongoing client satisfaction awareness and our focus teams lie at the heart of this blueprint. As do our methods of improving project efficiency using legal project managers. To help clients monitor budgets, we also offer regular, targeted, modular reports.
Today it is not enough to keep pace with the times – we are already ahead of them.