Covid-19: BonelliErede launches a task force
2 March 2020

The Covid-19 outbreak in Italy has led to a public health emergency and unforeseen challenges for businesses. It has also led to uncertainties, including from a tax/legal perspective.

Especially in light of the measures being issued by the government, BonelliErede las launched a multidisciplinary task force to respond to all doubts, be they general or specific in nature. The task force includes experts in the following fields of Italian law: employment, healthcare and life sciences, privacy, corporate crime, court proceedings, civil and commercial contracts, corporate, compliance, shipping and transport, administrative, tax, banking and finance, bankruptcy and competition/antitrust.

The task force has already analysed the most commonly faced issues and has prepared an overview of the key aspects to consider and some practical suggestions. To get a copy, just email

You can also use this email hotline to send us any business doubts that arise as the situation develops.

This is obviously a tough time for all us – companies, their international contacts and the entire Italian economy is being put to the test. This is BonelliErede’s contribution.