Development Decree: new amendments to the Italian Securitisation Law
May 2019

Law Decree No. 34 of 30 April 2019 (the so-called Decreto Crescita, or “Development Decree”) has introduced some further, significant amendments to the “Italian Securitisation Law” aimed, inter alia at (i) fostering the transfer of “unlikely to pay” (UTP) receivables; (ii) introducing changes to and clarification on the legal and tax regime of ReoCos and LeaseCos established for the sole purpose of purchasing, managing and increasing the value of the assets (usually real estate assets) securing the securitised receivables; and (iii) clarifying the legal framework applicable to the new type of securitisation of the proceeds arising from the ownership of real estate assets, registered movable assets and other in rem and personal rights deriving from such assets.

Our Banks Focus Team and Capital Markets Focus Team analyse the key amendments to the Italian Securitisation Law introduced by the Development Decree in the document available here.