BonelliErede introduces its ESG group
30 November 2021

BonelliErede has launched a multidisciplinary ESG group in response to the ever more important ESG (environmental, social and governance) challenges facing the corporate world today.

The ESG group is an offshoot of the firm’s Corporate Governance Focus Team, which will oversee its work. It brings together the skills and years’ experience of BonelliErede’s many focus teams and practice areas in assisting leading companies in environmental law, human capital management, corporate governance and sustainable finance. And it will support companies in all phases of their path to sustainable development, including achievement of ESG goals.

Stefano Simontacchi, President of BonelliErede and leader of the Corporate Governance Focus Team, had this to say: “With the increasing importance of ESG challenges at corporate level and the new regulatory framework, the business world can no longer put off addressing core ESG issues – increasingly seen as business issues – such as climate change, environmental impact and sustainable growth. To address these challenges, our ESG group takes a holistic approach that goes beyond merely compliance aspects. Indeed, we manage the entire life cycle of each project – from the drafting of ESG policies to their approval and implementation – also working in tandem with companies and institutions to establish best practices in corporate governance”.

BonelliErede’s ESG group is spearheaded by 12 partners, who are supported by associates of various seniority. Each member has diverse yet complementary skills in different fields of law that, when brought together, enable the firm to offer a cohesive, integrated vision and assist across all areas affected by this complex matter (from environmental issues, social responsibility and governance, to sustainable finance, monitoring and reporting, and litigation).

Members include corporate law partners Carlo Montagna, Alessandro Musella, Barbara Napolitano, Francesca Secondari and Giovanni Domenichini; banking and finance partner Massimiliano Danusso; IP, IT and privacy law partner Tommaso Faelli; employment law partner Giovanni Muzina; administrative law partner Luca Perfetti; criminal law partner Francesco Sbisà; tax law partner Stefano Simontacchi; and litigation partner Lazare Vittone.