The new regulatory framework for biomethane incentives
6 February 2023

The recent adoption of long-awaited Ministerial Decree No. 23 of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security regarding the application rules for the Incentives Decree – which regulates incentives for feeding biomethane into the natural gas grid – is the final step in the legislative/regulatory process to introduce incentives for plants that feed biomethane into the natural gas grid and that are: (a) newly constructed and fuelled by agricultural matrices and organic waste, or (b) reconverted agricultural plants producing electricity fuelled by biogas.

The application rules set out the requirements necessary for accessing the incentives, but once the subjective and objective requirements have been ascertained as met, what rules apply to the ensuing tenders? And how will the incentives be granted?

Our Energy & Ecological Transition Focus Team breaks it all down here.