Ministerial decree on incentives for renewable energy communities and collective self-consumption
14 February 2024

On 24 January, Ministerial Decree No. 414 of 7 December 2023 (“REC Decree”) came into force. The decree sets out the criteria and procedures for granting feed-in tariffs under Legislative Decree 199/2021 and capital contributions under Italy’s NRRP to support electricity generated from renewable energy sources by plants in renewable energy communities (RECs) and plants serving collective self-consumers.

The REC Decree is a very important change for sector operators: It protects investments and establishes how the previous transitional regulation ties in with the definitive regulation, and supports the preparation of new business plans, especially with regard to the methods used to distribute the benefits of electricity produced and shared by collective self-consumers.

Which incentives are envisaged for RECs? What are the procedures and eligibility requirements to obtain them?

Our Infrastructure, Energy & Ecological Transition Focus Team answers these questions and more in the article available here.