BonelliErede approves new three-year strategic plan. Marcello Giustiniani and Stefano Simontacchi re-appointed as co-managing partners – a new board of partners elected
23 May 2016

At the partners meeting held at the head office in Milan on 21 May, governance and strategic development were the main topics under discussion.

The partners unanimously approved the reappointment of Marcello Giustiniani and Stefano Simontacchi as co-managing partners for a further three years.

Marcello, 53, will continue to be in charge of internal organisation and management. He is also the coordinator of the employment law team, an area in which he has over twenty years’ experience. Marcello was also a founding partner of Bonelli Erede Pappalardo back in 1999.

Stefano, 45, will continue to lead the firm’s strategic development and act as the spokesperson for BonelliErede. He is the leader of the Transfer Pricing Focus Team and Director of the Transfer Pricing Research Center at Leiden University (the Netherlands).

The co-managing partners will continue to divide their time between assisting clients and managing the firm.

“We are very grateful to all our partners for this reappointment” – commented Stefano Simontacchi and Marcello Giustiniani. “At a time of rapid and profound change for the legal market, their reaffirmed trust is testament to the firm’s commitment to innovate, both internally and externally: internally – to continue to increase organisational efficiency; externally – to continue to experiment with new methods to create greater value for our clients. We will face the challenges ahead with the knowledge acquired together over the last three years, with renewed energy and enthusiasm”.

The partners meeting also unanimously approved the three-year strategic plan, confirming the firm’s united spirit and vision for the future.

Once again, special attention is placed on the centrality of people, in terms of both members and stakeholders of BonelliErede, who have always played a crucial role in the firm’s life.

The strategic plan also entails further international consolidation, including projects to meet the specific needs of clients based outside of Italy.

Great attention is also placed on enriching the firm’s offerings with new services that use innovative methods of delivery.

Furthermore, BonelliErede’s commitment to being socially responsible will be further boosted with new, exciting CSR projects.

Stefano Cacchi Pessani and Gianpiero Succi were appointed to the board, which also includes the co-managing partners, Umberto Nicodano and Alberto Saravalle.

Finally, Paolo Oliviero was appointed to the Remuneration Committee, joining Giovanni Guglielmetti, Vittorio Pomarici (both re-appointed), Marco Arato, Andrea Manzitti and Gianfranco Veneziano.