The spread of Covid-19 from China to Italy and the rest of the world has triggered an unprecedented health emergency and has created uncertainties for businesses, also from a legal and tax standpoint.

Working alongside companies, advising and guiding them to interpret the measures continually being introduced in Italy is our Covid-19 Task Force’s mission, established at the outset to do exactly that.

In this complex time of uncertainty and ever-evolving regulatory landscape, we have united our multidisciplinary forces to give our clients concrete help by providing timely and up-to-date answers.

Our Task Force is working round the clock to provide essential advice on the following areas of Italian law: administrative, banking and finance, bankruptcy, civil and commercial contracts, competition/antitrust, compliance, corporate, corporate crime, court proceedings, employment, healthcare and life sciences, international arbitration, privacy, shipping and transport and tax.

Multidisciplinary expertise, flexibility and punctuality is what distinguishes us.

If you require any information or have any queries regarding Covid-19, please email the Task Force at

Our latest Covid-19 publications:

Covid-19: Ethiopian Law Key Issues

The Covid-19 outbreak in Ethiopia and in many areas of the East Africa has led to a public health emergency and unforeseen challenges for businesses. It has also led to uncertainties, including from a tax/legal perspective. Furthermore, as you may know, the Council of Ministers of Ethiopia h …

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Merger reviews in the time of Covid-19: the failing-firm defence

The Covid-19 pandemic and the measures adopted by national authorities to contain it have already caused an economic downturn and put numerous businesses in difficulty. Merger reviews by the Commission and national competition authorities will take these consequences into account, under cert …

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Insolvency procedures and liquidity support for businesses under the Liquidity Decree

The Liquidity Decree has introduced changes to restructuring and insolvency procedures to help businesses cope with the repercussions of the Covid-19 epidemic and the Italian government’s lockdown measures. Some measures have a direct impact on insolvency and restructuring procedures, such …

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Legislative and Regulatory changes / Guidelines

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Employee protections and liability of employers

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Transport, Infrastructures and Public Services

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