BonelliErede is present in Ethiopia since 2016 and, effective as of 27 July 2017, cooperates with the Ethiopian law firm Tameru Wondm Agegnehu Law Office which is an integral part of the BonelliErede network.

Tameru Wondm Agegnehu Law Office in cooperation with BonelliErede offers a complete range of legal services to international investors and major local corporations, including contracts law, investment, corporate, commercial, construction, energy, employment, intellectual property including patent, trademark and copyright law, and international arbitration and litigation.

Tameru Wondm Agegnehu is the founder of Tameru Wondm Agegnehu Law Office and Of Counsel BonelliErede. He has been practicing as a lawyer in Ethiopia since 1992, served as judge for 19 years and as Vice President of the Supreme Court in Ethiopia between 1988 and 1991. He has an extensive experience in corporate and commercial law and civil law with appearance in litigation involving corporate law as well as major criminal cases, at the High & Supreme Courts level. Ato Tameru served also as Chairman of the Board of Habasha Cement S.C., as deputy chair personof the Board of Zemen Bank and as President of the Ethiopian Bar Association. He is recognized by Chambers Global as leading lawyer in the country, he is Member of the IBA African Regional Forum’s Advisory Board and he is an institution in the local legal community.

The office works “in cooperation with BonelliErede” and in full synergy with our offices in Europe, especially for specialistic advise and cross-national practices, and with the other offices in North Africa and Middle East (Egypt, UAE).

Our team is composed of an integrated group of 9 lawyers led by Tameru Wondm Agegnehu and Gianpiero Succi, Partner at BonelliErede, in charge of the development of our practice in East Africa and in the other Sub-Saharan African. They are supported by other lawyers of different seniority, including Weynalem Weldesenbet and Seble Geberegiorgis Baraki, Local Partners, the associates Daniele Gambirasio, Michele Saponaro and Robel Mehari and the trainees Samrawit Behailu and Tsedey Girma.

Weynalem Weldesenbet, has senior experience in advising clients on complex local law issues. He regularly assists local and international companies in Ethiopia, and he has a great expertise in litigation and arbitration as well as intellectual property. In addition, he is also a certified trademark agent in Ethiopia. Seble Geberegiorgis Baraki, has a great expertise in intellectual property and she is also a certified trademark agent in Ethiopia. She has an ample experience in litigation matters as well as in assisting local and international companies in corporate and commercial law. Robel Mehari is an Ethiopian associate, with experience in local and international taxation that in 2020 has been seconded at the Milan office. Samrawit and Tsedey are two trainees with experience in corporate law, employment law and litigation.

Daniele Gambirasio and Michele Saponaro together with Gianpiero Succi are the Italian members of the team. Michele Saponaro is a litigation law associate who was seconded to Addis Ababa in 2018, greatly contributing to our development in the country, with expertise in civil law, business law and company law. Daniele Gambirasio, a corporate associate, was seconded in 2016 and he has been in Addis Ababa since October 2019. He has a great experience in international corporate law with a particular expertise on extraordinary transaction, private and public M&A and joint ventures.

As part of the BonelliErede network the Addis Ababa office collaborate in total synergy with the other firm’s offices in Italy, Europe and the Middle East. Depending on the needs of a matter, we integrate the competences of the local professionals with all the BonelliErede experts from our teams based in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


Spotlight on IP – Trademark protection in Ethiopia - 23 February 2022

Recent liberalisation initiatives by the Ethiopian government have attracted interest from local and foreign businesses: the consequent growth of Ethiopia’s market underlines how important it is to protect intangible assets as much as others. Since the introduction of the Commercial Code i …

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The new Ethiopian Arbitration and Conciliation Working Procedure under Proclamation No. 1237/2021 - 17 September 2021

Up until publication of the Proclamation to Provide For Arbitration and Conciliation Working Procedure, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) – more specifically, arbitration – in Ethiopia lacked a detailed procedure and implementation mechanism. The newly introduced proclamation addresses/a …

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Ethiopian Parliament approves new Commercial Code - 29 March 2021

The FDRE House of People’s Representative’s session on March 25th, 2021 has approved a draft bill to amend the 1960 Commercial Code. The new Code, which replaces the old Commercial Code in force for over 62 years, has been anticipated by practitioners and the business community for a v …

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National Bank of Ethiopia introduces new rules on foreign exchange retention accounts - 18 March 2021

The National Bank of Ethiopia has recently introduced the new FXD/70/2021 Directive, which covers the retention and utilisation of export earnings and inward remittances. The new directive changes the foreign currency amounts that eligible exporters of goods and services and recipients of in …

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Investment opportunities for the Ethiopian diaspora community - 11 February 2021

Foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin can contribute to the development and prosperity of their country of origin. Consequently, restrictions on foreign nationals regarding the use of economic, social and administrative services do not apply to foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin who hold an …

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Salient features of Ethiopia’s logistics policy - 15 October 2020

Ethiopia has laid out its first ever policy on the logistics sector. The policy endorsed by the council of ministers and published by ministry of transport is expected to serve as a guidance for further legislative enactments and determine the set up and function of public enterprises that serv …

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Ethiopia: Investment Proclamation n. 1180/2020 - 19 June 2020

The Ethiopian government has issued a new investment proclamation, with a view to enhancing the role of the private sector and increasing the country’s global competitiveness. The Ethiopian Council of Ministers must still specify the details of the new investment framework in an upcoming r …

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Covid-19: Ethiopian Law Key Issues - 26 May 2020

The Covid-19 outbreak in Ethiopia and in many areas of the East Africa has led to a public health emergency and unforeseen challenges for businesses. It has also led to uncertainties, including from a tax/legal perspective. Furthermore, as you may know, the Council of Ministers of Ethiopia h …

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Covid-19: Ethiopian Law Key Issues - 4 May 2020

The Covid-19 outbreak in Ethiopia and in many areas of the East Africa has led to a public health emergency and unforeseen challenges for businesses. It has also led to uncertainties, including from a tax/legal perspective. Furthermore, as you may know, the Council of Ministers of Ethiopia h …

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Ethiopia ratifies the 1958 New York Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards - 12 March 2020

The worldwide-known New York Convention has been recently ratified also by Ethiopia. This is a significant step forward in Ethiopia’s path towards a more arbitration-friendly environment and a fundament tool which will strength international business in the country. With its basic and e …

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The largest common market in the world is born in Africa

On 7 July in Niamey, the capital of Niger, the Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, who is president of the African Union announced the establishment of the Afcfta (African Continental Free Trade Agreement). The African continental free trade agreement that will give a green light to the lar …

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Addis Ababa launches the "Ethiopia: Taste of Origins" brand

Agriculture is still the foundation of Ethiopia’s economy: it represents 41% of the gross domestic product, 83.9% of exports and 81% of jobs. The primary sector remains the main engine of rapid economic growth, this year expected to be around 8.2%, the highest rate in Africa thanks to the …

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Ethiopia accelerates its National Electrification Program

Ethiopia accelerates its National Electrification Program and moves to phase two, with the goal of giving energy access to all citizens by 2025. The program aims to combine the on-grid system with the off-grid and outlines how the country intends to achieve universal access to electricity. In p …

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