Marilu Martoriello


  • Administrative law, with particular expertise in:
    • Project finance
    • Public-Private Partnership (“PPP”) projects
    • Public tender procedures
    • Management of state-owned companies, town planning and general regulatory issues
  • Key sectors:
    • Infrastructure
    • Renewable and traditional energy
    • Water and waste sectors
  • Foreign languages: English


  • Joined the firm in 2019


  • Member of the Italian Bar 2022
  • Law degree from the LUISS Guido Carli University (2019)

Knowledge Sharing

Lombardy: tender procedures for reassignment of large-scale hydroelectric concessions launched

As part of the reform of the hydroelectric sector, which began back in 2018, the Lombardy Regional Executive has passed two resolutions launching reassignment procedures for the large-scale hydroelectric concessions Codera Ratti-Dongo and Resio: These are only the first of many concessions that …

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The new regulatory framework for biomethane incentives

The recent adoption of long-awaited Ministerial Decree No. 23 of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security regarding the application rules for the Incentives Decree – which regulates incentives for feeding biomethane into the natural gas grid – is the final step in the legislative …

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The Aiuti-bis Decree proposes solutions to Italy’s water emergency

The legislator’s attention is focused on the water emergency in Italy, and Article 14 of the Aiuti-Bis Decree - which came into force last August 10 - provides strict deadlines for entrusting the integrated water service (the “IWS”) throughout the Country. The Ai …

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Conversion of the Sostegni Ter Decree into law confirms the two-way compensation mechanism for electricity produced by renewable energy power plants

Renewable energy sources are once again in the legislative spotlight – this time with the conversion of the Sostegni Ter Decree into law on 29 March. According to the conversion law the compensation mechanism now has a definitive form under our regulatory framework: which are the main address …

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