Marilu Martoriello


  • Administrative law, with particular expertise in:
    • Project finance
    • Public-Private Partnership (“PPP”) projects
    • Public tender procedures
    • Management of state-owned companies, town planning and general regulatory issues
  • Key sectors:
    • Infrastructure
    • Renewable and traditional energy
    • Water and waste sectors
  • Foreign languages: English


  • Joined the firm in 2019


  • Member of the Italian Bar 2022
  • Law degree from the LUISS Guido Carli University (2019)

Knowledge Sharing

The new regulatory framework for biomethane incentives

The recent adoption of long-awaited Ministerial Decree No. 23 of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security regarding the application rules for the Incentives Decree – which regulates incentives for feeding biomethane into the natural gas grid – is the final step in the legislative …

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The Aiuti-bis Decree proposes solutions to Italy’s water emergency

The legislator’s attention is focused on the water emergency in Italy, and Article 14 of the Aiuti-Bis Decree - which came into force last August 10 - provides strict deadlines for entrusting the integrated water service (the “IWS”) throughout the Country. The Ai …

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Conversion of the Sostegni Ter Decree into law confirms the two-way compensation mechanism for electricity produced by renewable energy power plants

Renewable energy sources are once again in the legislative spotlight – this time with the conversion of the Sostegni Ter Decree into law on 29 March. According to the conversion law the compensation mechanism now has a definitive form under our regulatory framework: which are the main address …

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