BonelliErede among the sponsors of the 4th Mediterranean Conference 2016
7 June 2016

The 4th edition of the Mediterranean Conference, organised by the IBA European Regional Forum, kicked off last Sunday in Rome. The IBA is the world’s leading organisation of international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies. Founded in 1947, it now boasts a membership of more than 80,000 lawyers and about 200 bar associations and law societies from all over the world.

BonelliErede is among the sponsors of the event, which is entitled “Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in the Mediterranean Region” and focuses on the legal issues facing the agricultural sector in the Mediterranean Basin.

Partner Gianfranco Veneziano is on the panel discussing the structure and management of Mediterranean law firms, what differentiates them from their Anglo-Saxon and international sister firms, and what they can learn from each other.

The panellists will talk about the structures of their respective firms, market conditions and key success factors before moving on to compare their models.