The start-up phase of a business is essential and it is important to avoid mistakes and compromise your investment. Ensuring access to equity and to the development and manufacturing of products is an essential part of our consultancy services for startups.

Startup: structure and management of relations among people

The first steps of our consultancy for start-up activities focus on defining the structure and relationships between people, and in particular:

  • Definition of relations among shareholders of the startup, corporate governance and compensation and incentive plans for managers
  • Structuring new forms and work relations within the new business
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Determination of the stock options and the performance share, the equity co-investments, and the forecast of the tax impact for the start-up.

Technological innovation and protection of products and services, our consultancy to startups:

Our assistance in the startups area also focuses on all aspects of technological innovation, intellectual property protection, and data processing, specifically our main services in this area include:

  • Access for the startup to development and integration of main technologies
  • Support in the choice and use of tools to protect and exploit intellectual property
  • In full compliance with the antitrust compliance guidelines, we support startups in the collection, processing and exploitation of data, structuring of the logic underlying algorithms, profiling processes and fully automated decision-making and contractual systems.
  • We support and lead startups in adapting to their sector regulatory provisions, among the sector-specific where we are intervening for example: finance, insurance, healthcare and real estate.

Access to equity, tax benefits and bureaucracy management, our support to startups:

Among our main consultancy activities for startups in the area of access to capital and tax breaks:

  • Support to startups in raising capital through venture capital, crowdfunding, access to credit and M&A
  • Innovative startups: evaluation of requirements to access Italy’s innovative start-up tax regime
  • Assistance with other tax incentives for startups (i.e. Italy’s “Industry 4.0” tax incentive plan, hyper-amortisation, R&D tax credits) and structuring the relevant investments
  • Identification of opportunities for the startup to obtain public funding at the national and EU level, and relevant technical legal support

Entry into new markets and interconnection with clients, suppliers and partners

We assist our customers to access new markets and in simplifying relationships with customers and partners, in particular, we focus on:

  • Assistance with the international development of business relations
  • Assistance with the simplified management of relations with clients and suppliers through advanced legal tools
  • Blockchain and DLT: legal support to access to new network technologies based on  DLT (Distributed ledger technology), blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Legal support with corporate transactions, including the structuring of joint ventures, consortia and partnerships so as to best exploit new technologies, and assistance with any antitrust notification obligations arising from these transactions

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