BonelliErede brings together its digital innovation expertise to create a dedicated focus team
6 May 2019

Innovation, fintech, insurtech and start-ups are the four pillars of BonelliErede’s new Digital Innovation Focus Team.

Professionals from various depts – who have years of experience in helping highly innovative companies and driving forward innovation, financial and insurance services’ digitalisation and start-ups – have been brought together in the new focus team to help businesses in any sector navigate through the complex process of digital transformation.

The four pillars are the areas that the Digital Innovation Focus Team is centred on assisting businesses with:

– innovation, data and cybersecurity: focus on assisting businesses acquire, develop and protect digital innovation assets, on assessing new business models and addressing issues concerning tax, work organisation and contractual matters relating to the digital economy
– fintech: comprehensive assistance in areas such as digital payment systems, smart contracts, blockchain technology and related applications, digital lending, crowdfunding and the issuance of debt and equity instruments, big data, algorithms, regtech, and virtual currencies
– insurtech: focus on assisting insurance companies (a sector where digital innovation is already remarkably advanced) with compliance, IP, corporate, regulatory, antitrust and tax matters
– start-ups: assistance in the start-up phase, especially with structuring and managing the relationships with the management team and corporate governance, developing and protecting products and services, accessing capital and tax benefits (and handling the red tape), entering new markets, and networking with clients, suppliers and partners

The focus team is headed up by partner Tommaso Faelli (IP, IT and privacy), closely flanked by fellow partners Marco Adda (tax), Giulia Bianchi Frangipane (corporate), Alessandro Musella (corporate compliance), Barbara Napolitano (corporate), Vittorio Pomarici (employment) and Federico Vezzani (banking and insurance regulations), and of counsel Maurizio Pappalardo (competition/antitrust).

Stefano Simontacchi, president of the firm, commented: “The Digital Innovation Focus Team brings together the in-depth know-how and expertise that our professionals have gained assisting financial and insurance companies, start-ups and other businesses overcome digital transformation issues or take their first steps towards digital transformation. BonelliErede is thus meeting the urgent need of businesses for timely, comprehensive and practical legal and tax assistance in navigating through the myriad of complexities of digital transformation and in reaping the related growth opportunities”.