Fintech – Financial Technology

BonelliErede is the ideal partner for technological innovation applied to financial services.

Our Fintech team specializes in various areas of law and can support you from structuring the compliance of new fintech businesses, to assistance and intermediation with the competent authorities and investor relations.

Here are the different areas of law, which our Fintech team brings together:

  • Banking and financial regulation
  • Corporate law and capital markets
  • Intellectual property (IP)
  • Information technology and data protection
  • Employment law
  • Tax law
  • Administrative law
  • Competition law

360° assistance in the Fintech – Financial Technology sector:

Our experts thus offer comprehensive assistance on your fintech project, from its legal feasibility study to its complete execution:

  • Organization of efficient, effective and sustainable compliance models for every type of fintech business
  • Discussions with the competent authorities about the use of new technologies and new business models
  • Assistance with investor relations, also through due diligence investigations
  • Establishment and authorization of new supervised entities, including financial intermediaries, payment institutions and electronic money institutions
  • Assistance with the raising of equity or debt, including the execution of shareholders’ agreements or partnerships, and management of the relevant obligations


The core areas of focus are digital payment systems, smart contracts, blockchain technology and related applications, digital lending, crowdfunding and the issuance of debt and equity instruments, big data, algorithms, RegTech, and virtual currencies.

Our team regularly collaborates with institutions, the government and supervisory authorities on the definition of new rules in the Fintech sector.

Learn more about all the areas of our Digital Innovation Focus Team.


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