Innovation, Data and Cybersecurity

Innovation, Data and Cybersecurity

Our team has extensive experience in the Digital innovation area, Data and Cybersecurity, and it is ready to lead your company in the digital transformation process, supporting you in all aspects of innovation.

Starting from consultancy and assistance on the selection of software for the digital transformation of the company, to the structuring and regulation of new forms of work such as smart working, BonelliErede is your legal partner of excellence.

Acquisition, development and protection of digital innovation:

From consulting for digital transformation processes to the assistance in choosing the right software for your business and support during software audits, our Focus Team is ready to assist your company, to properly enhance the data at your disposal and to ensure maximum support in any disputes with your IT suppliers.

Specifically, we can help your company in various areas:

  • Acquisition and technology maintenance contracts, corporate operations aimed at acquiring of new technological platforms;
  • Reorganization and renegotiation of software licences and IT contracts to achieve significant cost reductions;
  • Assistance during software audits conducted by IT suppliers, handling of any disputes, and negotiation of adjustment costs;
  • Consultancy at the choice of tools to protect and exploit intellectual property;
  • Exploitation of personal and non-personal data based on advanced analyses, profiling and fully automated decision-making and contract types. The automation of business processes and sales models combined with the interconnection of production chains and business ecosystems means that companies must pay special attention to: (a) the protection of personal data and human rights; (b) the attribution of rights over a broader use of data, including non-personal data; and (c) compliance with fair competition on the market. We thus assist you in assessing the lawfulness of datasets and the reasons for data processing, and we help you understand when data must be kept confidential and when it can be shared with clients, suppliers and potential competitors;
  • Compliance with applicable laws, including antitrust law, to ensure that your company is fully compliant – also when structuring corporate processes and implementing innovative business models that incorporate innovative payment and insurance tools, or the use of algorithms or big data in the implementation of corporate systems.
  • Compliance with laws on cybersecurity, NIS and State secrecy (when applicable); assistance in dealing with the authorities if data breaches occur.

Tax benefits and business models:

  • Analysis of business models and tax-related issues in the digital economy (e.g., web tax)
  • Identification of benefits and incentives envisaged by tax incentive packages (i.e., patent box, hyper-amortisation, R&D tax credits, and incentives for innovative start-ups)
  • Structuring of investments and calculation of effective taxation based on the relevant business plan
  • Support in requesting training in 4.0 tax credits (i.e., to incentivize investment in training for employees in enabling technologies)

Organization of work and new contractual conditions and obligations:

  • Structuration of new forms of work that are made possible by technology and that foster competitiveness, such as outsourcing, relocation, smart working and platform work;
  • Drafting and implementation of staff retraining plans and assistance with overcoming “traditional” selection criteria and assessing employees’ personal skills and willingness to change;
  • Assistance with obtaining local, national and EU funding – or sector-specific funding (i.e.., in the lending or insurance industries) – for retraining plans;
  • Drafting of new standard commercial contracts and development of the underlying logic of automated execution contracts (smart contracts).


Interconnection of supply chains and market platforms:

  • Assistance with all essential regulatory, contractual and antitrust aspects to ensure: (a) access to new network technologies (i.e. blockchain and cryptoassets); (b) fair distribution of information and value; and (c) portability of data and information.

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