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This non-governmental organisation works tirelessly around the globe to make sure children’s voices are heard and to help them achieve immediate and lasting changes.


Volunteers for Education

for a second year, our people have been actively involved – in person and remotely – in Save the Children’s tutoring initiative to help school-age children with their after-school studies. The children involved can rely on volunteers for help with homework and schoolwork in general. The initiative aims to ensure continuity in education for children from disadvantaged families.

Christmas Jumper Day

The strong feeling throughout our offices across EMEA of being a part of Save the Children’s great work shines particularly brightly on Christmas Jumper Day, when everyone enthusiastically dons a festive woolly to raise funds.


We have been heavily involved with the organisation for many years. Here are some examples of the initiatives:


Education and Food Safety in Tigray (2018 – 2019)

Victoria Zegler per Save the Children

This campaign in Ethiopia is to increase access to basic education and help improve food safety and financial independence.

Once again, the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 4 classes and 7 classrooms for children under 6
  • 175 desks, 350 chairs, 32 bookcases, 7 big blackboards and 520 small blackboards
  • refresher courses for 173 mothers and 70 female teachers
  • 26 irrigation pumps for 26 farming families
  • 1,050 chickens, 18 oxen, 700 sheep and 12 cows for farming families


Every Last Child (2017)

This is an awareness-raising campaign in Egypt and Ethiopia to reduce the mortality rate of children under 5.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 4,700 children helped
  • 4,000 children educated on proper nutrition
  • 25,700 home visits by healthcare professionals
  • 225 health workers trained
  • 184 medical facilities supplied with life-saving medicines


But besides giving financial support, our professionals lend their expertise pro bono to deal with day-to-day issues.

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