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Cometa is where children and young adults who have had a tough time in life can grow, study, find work and learn through experience. Over 1,300 have been helped to date.

It’s all about encouraging them to fully express themselves and bringing out their hidden skills and talents. Whatever their past, Cometa helps them find meaning and beauty in their everyday lives.

We have been supporting Cometa and promoting its values for years, and together we launched a practical and innovative initiative to help young adults reintegrate into society.

We carved out office space for Cometa to use to help find jobs for their adult clientele and give Cometa access to our client base and other business contacts in order to find partners to offer work experience opportunities. Not only does this give the young adults a real shot at getting a permanent job and a better future, but also the partnering businesses are enriched by being involved in such a great cause.

And added to that, BonelliErede volunteers have been running 16 different training courses to help the young adults prepare for interviews and the world of work since 2017, and since 2018 we have helped 34 find gainful employ.

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