Covid-19: updated vademecum following the enactment of the Simplification Decree and the conversion into law of the Rilancio Decree
31 July 2020

The long-awaited Simplification Decree (Law Decree No. 76 of 16 July, on “Urgent measures for simplification and digital innovation”) was recently enacted, which together with the Rilancio Decree’s conversion into law (Law No. 77 of 17 July) has brought significant changes to the Covid-19 regulations.

Following the restart marked by the Rilancio Decree, the Simplification Decree contains measures to help overcome the challenges in this recovery phase. The measures are focused on digitising the public administration, simplifying public procurement procedures, and  supporting business, especially the green economy.

In the upcoming months, we will see how effective the measures prove to be. In the meantime, our Covid-19 Task Force has updated the relevant sections of the vademecum.

The table of contents, with links to the individual sections, is available here.