The new Ethiopian Arbitration and Conciliation Working Procedure under Proclamation No. 1237/2021
16 September 2021

Up until publication of the Proclamation to Provide For Arbitration and Conciliation Working Procedure, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) – more specifically, arbitration – in Ethiopia lacked a detailed procedure and implementation mechanism.

The newly introduced proclamation addresses/attempts to address that by setting out an illustrative list of its scope of application and restricting unwanted court intervention in arbitration proceedings. Non-arbitrable cases are also listed in an exhaustive manner, leaving no ambiguity for parties that wish to include arbitration clauses in their contracts. And the proclamation now grants permission to public and private firms to establish an institutional arbitration tribunal.

Our International Arbitration Focus Team and Ethiopia Team give more details regarding the new Ethiopian Arbitration and Conciliation Working Procedure here.