Robel Mehari Tsegaye


Si occupa di diritto tributario e commerciale, in particolare:

  • investimenti
  • appalti pubblici

È membro dell’Africa Team.

Lingue straniere: inglese e amarico


È entrato in BonelliErede nel 2019.

In precedenza, ha lavorato come associate presso lo Studio Legale Tameru  dal 2015 al 2018.

Ha lavorato come consulente legale di diritto del lavoro e appalti pubblici presso Advanced Engineering Trading in Addis Abeba dal 2011 al 2014.

Qualifiche e attività accademica

  • LLM: Master in diritto tributario internazionale e dell’UE presso Uppsala University (2019)
  • Laurea in Giurisprudenza presso Addis Abeba University (2009)

Knowledge Sharing

New directive to regulate foreign investors’ participation in restricted export, import, wholesale and retail trade investments

In March, the Ethiopian Investment Board issued Directive 1001/2024, which eases restrictions on foreign investors’ participation in the export, import, wholesale and retail trade sectors. Foreign investors that wish to obtain a permit in these sectors must fulfil minimum capital requirements …

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Enhanced regulation on transfer pricing

At the beginning of the year, Implementing Directive 981/2024 containing transfer pricing rules came into force. It will hopefully remedy the legal and practical gap in the enforcement of transfer pricing rules in Ethiopia. The directive reiterates all the provisions of the previous directiv …

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Draft VAT proclamation on its way to Parliament

Ethiopia’s legislative landscape is evolving by the day, especially when it comes to doing business. And the draft VAT proclamation looks set to be one of the biggest steps taken since VAT was introduced back in 2002. So what are the proposed key changes to the VAT rules? Our

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Salient features of Ethiopia’s logistics policy

Ethiopia has laid out its first ever policy on the logistics sector. The policy endorsed by the council of ministers and published by ministry of transport is expected to serve as a guidance for further legislative enactments and determine the set up and function of public enterprises that serv …

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