BonelliErede’s alternative legal services provider beLab enhances its services and becomes a company
5 October 2020

Innovation, technology and scalability: these are the traits that distinguish the services offered by beLab, BonelliErede’s alternative legal service provider, which is now a newly incorporated public limited company.

Alessandro Musella, president of the new company, commented: “beLab has steadily grown to become a hub for the development of techno-centric legal services in Italy and has achieved ambitious targets. In becoming a standalone company, beLab has undergone a paradigm shift. With this transformation and BonelliErede’s tradition of excellence, beLab will branch out into unchartered territories and establish itself as the go-to company for complementary legal services”.

beLab exploits legal digital technologies to provide services and solutions in collaboration with selected partners based on a co-evolution approach: an ecosystem set on devising solutions that provide guaranteed additional capabilities, scalability and efficiency for businesses.

#SmartEmpowering is the payoff that epitomises beLab’s brand and ambition to lead the transformation (digital and otherwise) of legal services. Technological innovation is the key to generating greater value for clients.

The services – compliance management, e-Discovery & litigation support, investigations, KYC and third-party due diligence, 231 models and transaction services – leverage digital technologies to boost efficiency and scalability of legal affairs. beLab’s mission is to provide services and solutions that guarantee clients new capabilities and improved legal processes.

Marcello Giustiniani, executive director at BonelliErede and one of the creators of beLab, commented: “In the last four years, beLab has grown to position itself as an innovative legal services provider by leveraging technology to meet clients’ demand for increased efficiency. beLab has earned the opportunity to become a standalone company – one that is fully equipped to help businesses meet the challenges of digitalisation, which can be put off no longer, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. The company is further distinguished by its unique and result-oriented approach.”

Respect for the environment and social commitment are also core to beLab’s vision: from the selection of the material used to the pro-bono work – including at the company’s offices in partnership with the association Cometa to support disadvantaged youth in the community.

A modern work-life balance makes beLab somewhat unique in the legal sector with its down-to-earth and dynamic approach that is derived from a new, agile interpretation of work and the work environment.

beLab’s board of directors comprises Marcello Giustiniani, Stefano Simontacchi, Andrea Carta Mantiglia, Umberto Nicodano and Eliana Catalano, guided by Alessandro Musella, president, and Gabriele Zucchini, chief executive director.

beLab is a public limited company wholly owned by BonelliErede.