BonelliErede wins two awards at the TopLegal Industry Awards 2017
19 May 2017

BonelliErede was crowned “Infrastructure Firm of the Year” and “Biomedical Firm of the Year” at the 2017 TopLegal Industry Awards held on 18 May.

In crowning the firm “Infrastructure Firm of the Year”, the judging panel crowned the firm “Infrastructure Firm of the Year” based on the assistance the Energy & Infrastructure Focus Team provided a leading Spanish multinational, which manages transport and telecommunications infrastructure to acquire 51.4% of an Italian company (concessionaire of two important sections of the Italian motorway system). Elena Busson, Mario Roli, Francesca di Carpegna Brivio and Giulia Uboldi took the stage to accept the award.

In awarding the firm the “Biomedical Firm of the Year” award, the judging panel highlighted the assistance the Healthcare and Life Sciences Focus Team provided an Italian pharmaceutical company investor in the development of a robotic platform. Andrea Carta Mantiglia, Giovanni Guglielmetti, Helen Roberts, Vincenzo Salvatore and Monica Fantino took the stage to accept the award.

Co-managing Partners Stefano Simontacchi and Marcello Giustiniani commented that: “These awards are further confirmation of the extraordinary work of our focus teams, which continue to prove that they are the most able to understand our clients’ needs thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the business areas they focus on.”