BonelliErede shows its support of Italy’s national energy savings and sustainable lifestyles day by turning off its lights across EMEA
25 March 2021

Today marks the 17th edition of M’illumino di meno – Italy’s national energy savings and sustainable lifestyles day, launched by Rai Radio 2’s Caterpillar programme in 2005. BonelliErede, one of Italy’s leading firms for legal and tax services, will take part by involving its over 750 people across EMEA in the initiative – whether they are working at the office or from home.

This year, M’illumino di meno invites everyone to take action – be it big or small – for a more sustainable lifestyle. BonelliErede has decided to show its support by turning off all the lights at its offices between 6:00 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. today – and by inviting all those working from home to do the same. The Cairo and Dubai offices took part today, as Thursday is the last day of their working week.

BonelliErede always strives to make children the focal point of its CSR initiatives. Children are the future – and given that M’illumino di meno promotes the creation of a better future for the planet, the firm has encouraged its people working from home to involve their children in the initiative and to show them the importance of living sustainably and saving energy.

Indeed, this year’s edition is dedicated to the ‘evolutionary leap’ everyone – both adults and children – must make in their lifestyle choices to help the environment and come out of the pandemic better people.