BonelliErede obtains ISO 22301 certification for all Italian offices and extends ISO 27001 to its London and Brussels offices
15 November 2021

BonelliErede has obtained ISO 22301 certification – the international standard for business continuity management systems – from Rina S.p.A. for all its Italian offices.

ISO 22301 helps businesses identify potential threats to business operations and design and manage procedures to ensure businesses can continue providing services to the market even in serious emergencies, be it due to health crises, technological issues or the unavailability of personnel or offices.

BonelliErede has also extended its ISO 27001 – the international standard for information security management – to its London and Brussels offices. The firm’s Italian offices have been certified since 2019. Furthermore, beLab – BonelliErede’s wholly owned alternative legal service provider, which was spun off from the firm in 2020 – has also obtained ISO 27001 certification.

Stefano Simontacchi, President of BonelliErede, had this to say: “We have always worked hard to ensure we provide top-quality assistance. And by guaranteeing the continuity of our services and having ISO 27001 certification for our Italian, London and Brussels offices, we have only reinforced our commitment to that goal. From a strategic standpoint, it also makes us more competitive. Recent events have taught us that we could suddenly be faced with critical issues and challenges that we would never have even thought of the day before. For a firm like ours, which operates against a complex and globalised backdrop, obtaining ISO 22301 certification means we are ready to handle any disruptions, prevent threats and respond in an organised and effective way without hindering business in any way.”