BonelliErede launches the first task force dedicated to Golden Powers legislation
17 October 2019

BonelliErede has launched a new task force dedicated to all matters relating to Italy’s Golden Powers legislation to respond to investors’ needs created by this complex and highly topical piece of legislation on investments in strategic sectors.
The legislation gives government bodies the power to authorise Italian and foreign investments in strategic sectors and, when required, impose restrictions on or even block investments in strategic sectors such as national defence/security, energy, transport, communications and electronic telecoms networks that use 5G technology.
The Golden Powers Task Force will support both Italian companies with strategic assets and international investors with their sights set on Italian targets. They will be able to rely on comprehensive assistance with all aspects, including dealings with the institutions involved, monitoring once an investment is authorised, and any litigation that ensues.
The task force is the first working group in an Italian law firm that is dedicated to Golden Powers legislation. BonelliErede’s task force is made up of five professionals who not only have proven expertise in the sectors concerned but also know the key players and trends and have solid relations with the institutions involved: Angelino Alfano, Massimo Merola, Luca Perfetti, Mario Roli and Alberto Saravalle.
The new task force is an offshoot of BonelliErede’s Energy & Infrastructure Focus Team (led by Mario Roli) and draws on the strength and expertise of the Public International Law & Economic Diplomacy Focus Team (led by Angelino Alfano).
Stefano Simontacchi, President of BonelliErede, commented: “We are convinced that Golden Powers legislation will play an important role in the future, also in light of the global trend of increasing State intervention in the economy. For years, BonelliErede has been the go-to firm for foreign investors wishing to invest in Italy’s strategic sectors, and our track record speaks for itself. We continue to strengthen our ability to meet our clients’ needs; this time in relation to Golden Powers legislation”.