BonelliErede for World Earth Day 2021: our initiative to adopt a beehive and thus contribute to maintaining biodiversity is underway
22 April 2021

To celebrate World Earth Day 2021, we adopted a beehive at the Apicoltura Costenaro G&C SNC farm in the province of Como.

Bees are indispensable to safeguarding nature, as the pollination they ensure helps maintain the planet’s biodiversity. Through this initiative, we aim not only to support the growth and honey production of our adopted hive, but also – and more importantly – to protect the natural process bees play a fundamental role in and guarantee that it continues uninterrupted.

As many studies have recently shown, bees are endangered by human action and at a real risk of becoming extinct over the next 50 years. So we have chosen to take concrete action that at the same time has great symbolic meaning: within a year, we will be able to protect approx. 60 k bees, guarantee that approx. 60 m flowers are pollinated, and indirectly abate approx. 300 kg of CO2.

This adoption (which is part of our livebetter initiative, launched a few years ago to improve our people’s work-life balance) is our response to a common conundrum: we all know that each of us can make a difference in our own small way, but sometimes it is hard to know how.

By adopting the hive, we wanted to show our more than 750 people from all our offices across EMEA one small way to make a major impact. Today we have greater awareness of the impact of our actions, and many of us want to help protect the species, ecosystems and, ultimately, our planet – for everyone’s benefit.

We adopted the hive through 3Bee, a green startup that has developed a monitoring and diagnostic system for hives – so all our people will be able to check in on the bees to see how they are doing and the environmental impact of their work in real time.